Advanced Practitioners – Why should you take the leap into flexible working?

If you want to choose when and where you work, flexible working is the perfect solution. 

We asked our Advanced Practitioners why they love working for Hallam Medical and why they took the leap into flexible working. 

Advanced Practitioner Angela said the reason she is a locum ANP is due to having the flexibility to choose where, when, and how much she works. 

Angela said, Hallam Medical have always been responsive to my work requests and have always found alternatives if there aren’t the shifts I want. They confirm bookings very quickly, the Pay is always on time and the team/Consultants are awesome. I’ve worked for other agencies before but Hallam Medical far outweighs on professionalism, and their staff are as important as their clients. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!” 

Advanced Practitioner Robert said flexible working fits around his schedule, family life and other commitments.

Robert said: “I love working for Hallam Medical, flexible opportunities and good prompt pay!” 

Advanced Practitioner Andi said that he loves being a locum for the freedom it offers and being able to choose when he works.  

Andi said: “I love working for Hallam Medical as the support has been great.” 

Advanced Practitioner Lea said she left her full time ANP role for a better work life balance. Working flexibility means she can spend more time with family and choose to have holidays when she wants.  

Lea said: “I have worked with Hallam Medical for over five years. I have found Hallam particularly Zac to be very organised and professional. There has been plenty of work with shifts being confirmed. They offer training, support and most importantly always pay on time.” 

Advanced Practitioner Helen said she loves working flexibly as you can work when you want. 

Helen said, You can work in a wide variety of settings with lots of different people, if you like variety it is definitely for you

Helen has worked for Hallam Medical since 2010 and said the Hallam team always make sure she has plenty of work. She said, I am also registered with other agencies, but Hallam Medical are the only agency that has consistently made sure I have all the work that I need


If you are interested in locum work, Hallam Medical are here to help!  

We provide flexible shifts that give you the freedom to work on your terms. We also provide security, reassurance, and support for you to make the leap into flexible working.  

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