Armistice Day

Remembering our Heroes

Today is Armistice Day, as a nation we join together at 11am, on the 11th day of the 11th month to mark the end of World War 1. 

As we remember all those who served and continue to serve, as a healthcare recruitment provider we feel it is vitally important to, not only, remember the many soldiers that gave their lives, but to also recognise and remember the vital role our Nurses and healthcare professionals played during the War. 

During the first World War nursing played a vital role and was deemed exhausting and often dangerous work. It is said that the women who volunteered for this work often experienced the horrors of war first-hand and many lost their lives carrying out this important work. 

WWI brought in many changes that led to new advances in medicine and modern medical practices. Whether it was reformed cleanliness standards, new medicines, updated triage practices, or aestheticsNurses and their medical officers did what it took to meet the needs of the soldiers. 

Today Military Nurses and Medics continue to play a key role within the armed forces, working alongside military personnel in war zones and at home. As well as treating common medical conditions they also treat severe life-threatening injuries, such as gunshot wounds or lost limbs. 

Thank you to all our Military Nurses and healthcare professionals both past and present who have worked hard to keep our soldiers safe and well. 

We will remember them. 

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