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Providing high quality and reliable agency clinicians to support OneMedical Group services.

Hallam Medical and OneMedical Group

OneMedical Group is home to talented GPs, nurses and other clinicians working together with experts in primary care, acute care, health and wellbeing, healthcare estates, technology and innovation, along with strategic leaders, collaborators and transformers.


Hallam Medical and OneMedical Group have worked together since December 2009 when OneMedical Group was awarded the contract to deliver the service for the Sheffield Walk in Centre. Since then, the relationship has gone from strength to strength with Hallam Medical supporting OneMedical Group across the country.

Corby Urgent Care Centre is a perfect example of both parties understanding the need to work closely together to achieve the best outcomes.

OneMedical Group contacted Hallam Medical to discuss the possibility of Hallam assisting with the staffing of a service that they have recently tendered for.

As a long-term Tier 1 supplier and with commercial assurances in the form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, OneMedical Group were able to disclose that the tender was for Corby UCC.

The Challenge

To provide high quality, readily available and reliable agency staff to support OneMedical Group services, and the ever increasing demand upon those services.

The solution must be cost effective and provide real cost and efficiency savings whilst increasing skill mix via the delivery of a new clinical staffing model.


Hallam Medical developed a strong and effective supply chain relationship to ensure the correct level of support to deliver the required staff to support the service.

Knowing about a potential requirement for staff in the area Hallam Medical were able to make initial enquiries into candidates who may be interested in work in the area.

Once all the contractual deadline had been met, OneMedical Group informed Hallam Medical that they had been successful in their tender and that assistance would be required in the initial staffing of the service.

As a result of knowing in advance of the potential requirement of candidates, Hallam Medical were able to provide CVs and availability to cover the whole rota requirements to OneMedical Group within 10 days of the initial contact.

Hallam Medical are our chosen recruitment partner, they consistently provide us with high quality practitioners and a high quality service.

Operations Director, OneMedical Group

Working closely with OneMedical Group, all CVs were approved within 2 days, leaving Hallam Medical enough time to finalise the rotas and secure these in-demand Practitioners for OneMedical Group ready for when the service went live.


The finalised rota was provided to OneMedical Group by Hallam Medical covering every date that had been requested all with fully compliant and approved candidates. A week later this was confirmed meaning that the service was 100% staffed on the nursing side from the go live date.

Being the only provider OneMedical Group liaised with regarding Corby UCC meant that they were able to benefit from only having to communicate needs and any changes once. CVs were all formatted in the same way for efficient clearance and the pricing was standard across the department for ease of invoicing.

These time efficiencies meant that OneMedical Group members of staff didn’t need to worry about the temporary workforce and were able to focus on successfully launching the new service.

This core of staff continued to work until OneMedical Group recruited permanent members of staff which gave continuity to the staff who had gone through TUPE to OneMedical Group but also to the patients as well.

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