The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK)

The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK)

Hallam Medical are delighted to have an exclusive partnership and support the ongoing work and development of The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK).

The Association of Advanced Practice Educators represent an influential collaborative network of Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) across the United Kingdom (UK) who are providers of advanced clinical practice programmes of education for interprofessional groups.

AAPE UK is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit association and is chaired by Anna Jones.

The mission of the AAPE UK is to coordinate and represent a collaborative network of HEI’s Academics and Professionals across the UK who have a common interest in the education, development, and advancement of advanced practitioners.

At Hallam Medical, we are passionate about Advanced Practice. As the UK’s leading provider of Advanced Practitioners; Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Emergency Care Practitioners to both our NHS client and private healthcare providers, this partnership is vitally important to us.

Our sponsorship agreement provides advanced practice HEI’s across the UK to join AAPE UK with no fees and sponsors the annual conference which provides healthcare professionals, who are educated at an advance level, the opportunity to listen to the latest discussions, debates, and education within advance practice.

By working together with this influential organisation helps us to:

  • Remain at the forefront of best practice
  • Strengthens our commitment to ensuring all healthcare professionals are educated at an advanced level.
  • Provide our clinicians the latest news to emerge from Advanced Practice
  • Enables us to provide our clients with real and innovative recruitment solutions.

The reach of AAPE UK in supporting Advanced Practice Education and Advanced Practitioners on a national and global scale would not be possible without Hallam Medical’s support. We as AAPE UK are extremely proud to work with such a dynamic company who truly understand and appreciate the impact of Advanced Practice in healthcare.

Chair of AAPE UK, Anna Jones

Anna Jones, Chair of AAPE UK

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