Bromley Healthcare

One of the UK's leading providers of community healthcare

Hallam Medical – A true recruitment partner

We have worked together with Bromley Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading providers of community healthcare, for over seven years.

At Hallam Medical we believe ‘quality’ means doing things right when nobody is looking.  It is important to us that our clients trust us to provide their patients and their services with highly skilled compliant practitioners.

Working in partnership with Bromley Healthcare means we recognise the high standard of service they provide and therefore the high quality of practitioners they need to continue to do this effectively.

Hallam Medical is our ‘Go-to’ agency’

Rob Phillips is the Recruitment and Agency Lead at Bromley Healthcare.

He said: “The quality of practitioners provided by Hallam Medical are of a high standard and we wouldn’t expect anything less. At Bromley Healthcare we have extremely high standards. This means we are confident the clinicians and nurses they provide are going to do a fantastic job for us out in the community.”

Rob said: ” We work with Hallam Medical and will continue to do so because of the excellent service they provide. This is not only from a shift filling perspective but from an advice perspective too.”

We can trust their clinicians to do a really good job

“Hallam Medical has a really strong fill rate, but more importantly we can trust their clinicians to do a really good job for us.”

Meet Rob Phillips, Agency and Recruitment Lead for Bromley Healthcare

Rob would have no hesitation to recommend us to other service providers.

We trust Hallam Medical's clinicians to do a really good job for us.