National Apprenticeship Week 2023

Meet Ajay and Olivia

It is National Apprenticeship Week!

What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our apprentices, Olivia Tingle, and Ajay Ronak-Singh.

Meet Olivia Tingle – Digital Marketing Apprentice

Olivia joined the Hallam Medical team in June 2022 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice and works with our Marketing Team.

As part of her Digital Marketing apprenticeship, Olivia is studying and learning how to use online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales. She is also learning the importance of Brand Awareness and how Marketing is a vital part of a businesses.

She said, “I have learnt different aspects of Marketing, that I never knew before, such as the importance of SEO and how important brand awareness is.”

We asked Olivia, what she is enjoying most about her apprenticeship.

“I am enjoying the fact every day is different and I always have a new and exciting project to work on. I also enjoy working with my Manager, Charlotte, who is always helping me to ensure that I am the best I can be!”

Olivia said she chose to do an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing as she has always had an interest in social media.

“I have an account on Instagram for my music, so I understand the importance of how social media is used within a business and this sparked my interest in choosing this apprenticeship. I want to challenge myself and expand my knowledge in this field.”

Marketing Executive Charlotte said, “Olivia has been amazing. Her enthusiasm and interest in Marketing is not only shown within her apprentice work but also at Hallam Medical. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting and I am looking forward to seeing her grow within the Marketing Team.”

Meet Ajay Ronak-Singh – Data Analyst Apprentice  

Ajay joined the Hallam Medical team in September 2022 as a Data Analyst Apprentice and works with our Analytics Team supporting the business with industry leading data to support our Candidates and Clients.

As part of his Data Technician Apprenticeship, Ajay is studying and learning how to source, format, analyse and effectively present valuable insights.

Ajay said, “So far I’ve learned a vast array of things such as, how data should be interpreted and what are the correct processes to achieve that, as well as being able to differentiate datasets.”

We asked Ajay, what he is enjoying most about his apprenticeship.

“What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is listening and understanding how my peers apply Data Analysis into their job role, as we all work within different businesses.”

Ajay said he chose to do an apprenticeship in Data Analysis as he wanted to expand his knowledge within this role.

Payroll and Analytics Manager Warren said, “Ajay will be learning all things Data within Hallam Medical. From how to build and read reports, to how to interpret these to make business decisions. Ajay has already come on leaps and bounds and I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops from both on-the-job training, and his off-the-job training through his apprenticeship providers.”


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