Nike announce new trainers designed for Medical Workers

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Nike announces new trainers designed for medical workers.

We know as a Nurse you are on your feet all day, supporting our clients’ services and their patients, could this new range of trainers be the answer?

When your profession requires you to be on your feet all day sore, aching feet are often part of the job. We all know the importance of wearing the correct footwear, but could a trainer designed with healthcare workers in mind make this a thing of the past?

Nike has recently announced they are to release a new range of trainers made specifically for nurses, doctors and other health professionals. The new Air Zoom Pulse trainers have been designed to be easy to get on and off, simple to clean have “fit, cushioning and traction systems” to help reduce the foot in all conditions.

These trainers have been made to meet the day-to-day physical demands faced by health professionals during their long shifts.

Nike confirmed there will be six versions of the Air Zoom Pulse trainers, which will be on sale Saturday 7th December 2019.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new trainers.

Are there any other pieces of equipment that make your day to day job easier or indeed harder? Have you designed or thought of anything yourself that would make your busy job that bit easier?

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You can read more about the new Air Zoom Pulse trainers here:

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