The Association of Advanced Practice Educators


We have worked with The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK) for more than five years.

The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK) is an influential collaborative network of Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) across the United Kingdom (UK) who provide of advanced clinical practice programmes of education for interprofessional groups.

The AAPE UK was previously known as the Association of Advanced Nursing Practice Educators UK (AANPE UK). In 2015 the membership elected to change the title to AAPE UK to reflect the evolving educative provision for advanced practice across interprofessional groups. We believe that future commissioning of advanced practice will not differentiate between the original profession.

As the UK’s leading provider of Advanced Practitioners; Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Emergency Care Practitioners to both our NHS client and private healthcare providers, this partnership is vitally important to us, and helps us to remain at the forefront of best practice.

Supporting the ongoing work of AAPE UK furthers our commitment to ensuring healthcare professionals are appropriately educated to deliver the highest possible care to patients at an advanced level.


Associate Professor (Advanced Practice) and Chair of Association of Advanced Practice Educators AAPE-UK, Katrina Maclaine said:

“Working together with Hallam Medical enables the profile of AAPE UK as a voluntary organisation to grow across the four countries of the UK. Without their support, it is unlikely that AAPE UK would have reached the level of national influence and international recognition it now has. Their appreciation of the value and importance of engagement with advanced clinical practice beyond purely a contractual service provider focus sets Hallam Medical apart from its counterparts in this field.”