We have opportunities throughout the UK for

Advanced Clinical Practitioners, District Nurses, 111 Clinical Advisors

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We have opportunities throughout the UK for

Community Nurses, Emergency Nurse Practitioners, Emergency Care Practitioners,

Call us 0333 800 0395

We have opportunities throughout the UK for

Mental Health Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Registered General Nurses

Call us 0333 800 0395

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Hallam Medical has an exciting new opportunity for Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) to support a private service in Newcastle doing Telephone Triage .
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Calderdale, West Yorkshire

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Hallam Medical have an amazing opportunity for Advanced Nurse Practitioners in West Yorkshire. 

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Huddersfield Upto £50/hour

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

We have an outstanding opportunity for Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) to support one of the UK’s leading Private Healthcare Providers in Huddersfield.

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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Community Nurse (RGN)

We are looking for experienced Community Nurses (RGN) to support a community service and patients in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

This is a brilliant opportunity for Community Staff Nurses looking for flexible work to support this leading provider of community healthcare in Aylesbury.

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Hallam Medical have a exciting opportunity for Community Nurses to support a service in the Manchester area. 

We are looking for experienced Community Nurses to follow care plans by supporting patients and their families in the their own homes.

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Hallam Medical have a brand new and exciting opportunity for Community Nurses (RGN) to support a private healthcare provider.  

We are looking for dedicated Community Nurses to support a community service in Ormskirk, West Lancashire.

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How to make your Registration with Hallam Medical quicker

Registering with Hallam Medical is simple, and easy to do. This can be made even quicker by knowing exactly what documents we need to ensure you are fully compliant for our clients. We have put together this handy guide which includes a list of everything we will need to register you for work. We work with both NHS and Private healthcare providers and ensuring you are fully compliant is extremely
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Brew Monday 2021

The third Monday of January has been named Blue Monday and has been given this gloomy title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills. This year at Hallam Medical we are turning Blue Monday around and meeting our colleagues for a virtual cuppa! The Samaritans have re-named Blue Monday to Brew Monday to encourage people to get together with
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Are you ready for IR35?

In April 2017, the Government introduced the IR35 Off-Payroll Working Rules to the Public Sector which affected all contractors who provided their services through a Personal Service Company (limited company). In April this year, these rules will be extended to the contractors working in the Private Sector – you could be affected by these changes unless you are working for a client that falls under the Small Business Exemption. What
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We are a framework accredited recruitment agency and provide temporary staff into NHS and private healthcare services throughout the UK.


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We have fantastic opportunities in both the NHS and some of the UK’s largest private healthcare providers. We have 1,000s of shifts available in various settings within Primary Care, Community Care, Emergency Services and Urgent Care settings throughout the UK. Whether you are looking for full-time hours, part-time work or ad-hoc shifts, we can help you find your perfect role!


Looking for experienced staff for your service? 


We are perfectly placed to support, advise and help you achieve your service objectives. Working with Hallam Medical gives you access to more Advanced Practitioners in the UK than any other provider.

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Register with Hallam Medical

Zach and the Hallam Medical team have been great and are really supportive. If I need to speak to him I get an immediate response by email or return call. I hope our working relationship continues for many years to come.

Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) - East Midlands

I’m really looking forward to working with Hallam Medical and I’ve already referred a friend!

Christine - Primary Care Paramedic

I’ve been with Hallam Medical for five months and I was really unsure about the unpredictability of agency work. But I love it and I’m looking forward to having the work-life balance with Hallam Medical. The staff are amazing and Hallam Medical is such a well respected agency - I would recommend Hallam Medical to everyone!

Jacqui - 111 Clinical Advisor

Hallam Medical have consistently provided our Walk in Centre with a very high standard of reliable Advanced Nurse Practitioners to ensure we can continuously deliver the service.

Jim Quinn - Practice Development Nurse, Nottingham CityCare Partnership

Working together with Hallam Medical enables the profile of AAPE UK as a voluntary organisation to grow across the four countries of the UK. Their appreciation of the value and importance of engagement with advanced clinical practice beyond purely a contractual service provider focus, sets Hallam Medical apart from its counterparts in this field.

Katrina Maclaine

I have just registered with Hallam, and Lyndsay has been looking after me. Lyndsay has keep me updated throughout the registration, she has been very polite, helpful, methodical, and it's been a pleasure to speak to her on the phone. Although I have only seen her once she appears have a smile on her face at all times. She is an asset to your team!

Advanced Nurse Practitioner - Co.Durham

Terrific communication, lovely to talk to. Supportive, works hard to get me shifts which is very important for a full-time locum ENP! Thanks, Lauren

Emergency Nurse Practitioner - Bradford

Hallam Medical are forward thinking and seem to be on the clinicians side ensuring pay is prompt and correct. As an experienced agency clinician, who has worked with numerous agencies Hallam Medical is the only one I recommend to colleagues.

Michael Roberts - 111 Clinical Advisor

The support I get from Hallam Medical is without doubt, second to none. Rather than list the many positives, I’ll simply put it like this: I wouldn’t work for any other agency!

Paul - Emergency Nurse Practitioner

At Bromley Healthcare we have extremely high standards. We are confidence the clinicians and nurses Hallam Medical provide are going to do a fantastic job for us out in the community

Rob Phillips, Recruitment and Agency Lead at Bromley Healthcare

Hi, I’d like to give Gemma Smith my consultant a shout out as she is super organised and efficient and a pleasure to deal with at all times!

Register General Nurse - Kent

I just wanted to let you know how lovely, kind and supportive Julia Pavlova has been. My health has recently not been brilliant, and Julia has gone above and beyond her duty to support me and ensure I am ok. It's so lovely as a full-time locum practitioner to know that you're not alone or just a 'number'. Julia is always friendly, professional and accommodating, she really is a true asset to the Hallam Medical team.

Advanced Practitioner - Lincoln

Lauren is always very attentive and gets me everything I need at the UCC - she’s fantastic!


I can honestly say that I would recommend anyone to give it a try with Hallam Medical. From the very start, the process has been seamless and the staff have been very helpful. All of the staff are friendly, accommodating and will do their best for you at all times. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hallam Medical to anyone that is looking to step in to agency work.

Diane Burns - 111 Clinical Advisor

Just to say thanks so much for being so good at your job, and I really mean it when I say I would have given up on the initial process were it not for you. I vowed I would send you something nice once I hit a certain amount in my bank balance, and I’ve suddenly superseded that! Thanks again!

Advanced Practitioner - Norfolk

Working with Hallam Medical has helped us to recalibrate our staffing model. By using ANPs alongside of GPs together with efficiency savings means that we can put money back into frontline services and support our local communities.

Managing Director IC24

Been with this agency since they started, in fact hired them to provide clinicians for the service I managed and then I decided to be self employed and became one of their locums. Cannot describe their loyalty to me over the years, through all of the ups and downs they have been there... Faith, Taylor C, Zach and all of the team!

Samantha Morgan-Lister | ANP - Doncaster

I recommend Hallam. Really efficient compared to the other agencies.

Ashton Baker-Pollard | ECP - Kent.

Really impressed with how professional this agency is.

Claire Freya Frazer - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with Recruitment Consultant Lewis Payne lately. He’s been so reliable and has always phoned when he said he would. I’ve worked for a few agencies but Hallam Medical is by far the best and Lewis has really made my life easier.

Kim Clulow - Advanced Practitioner

I have worked for various agencies, but Hallam Medical are the best and most reliable agency I have ever worked with

Afsha - Advanced Practitioner

We are very pleased to be working with a professional organisation that understands us, our service and the type of staff we need. Most importantly Hallam always puts compliance at the top of their agenda which is essential.

Jim Quinn - Practice Development Nurse, Nottingham CityCare Partnership.

My work life balance is as it should be. In my spare time I am able to carry out my hobbies and have time for friends and family

Lauren Newham (RGN)

“We have seen the benefits Advanced Practitioners can offer our patients. They work autonomously and part of a wider team”

Simon Harris, the Managing Director at Derbyshire Health United (DHU) Urgent Care

I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with such an efficient company! Sarah was brilliant yesterday, taking the time to go through my application and everything was explained to me so well and I can’t believe how quickly things are moving along with the compliance side of things thanks to Iqra!

Christine - Primary Care Paramedic

"Hallam Medical is streets ahead other agencies"

Bev - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Working as a Locum with Hallam Medical means I can work in a variety of clinical settings and use my skills and experience. It keeps me motivated for the career I am so passionate about.

Jessica - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

“Hallam Medical always put compliance at the top of their agenda which is essential”

J.Quinn Practice Development Nurse Nottingham CityCare Partnership

I love the freedom of locum work; I can leave the politics at work and concentrate on my patients care. If I like a place I can go back, if I don’t I’m not forced to return.

Colin - Emergency Nurse Practitioner

"Alex went through everything with me out of hours when he didn't have to. That's going above and beyond and I'm so grateful."

A Shirtliff - Practice Nurse

The quality of Practitioners provided by Hallam Medical are of a high standard and we wouldn’t expect anything less

Rob Philips - Recruitment & Agency Lead Bromley Healthcare

I recommend it to many to work for Hallam Medical. I have worked for Hallam since 2015 in various areas mainly community.

Community Nurse - Kent
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