Take part in an important online consultation to support the future of Advanced Practice Education.

Together with our partners The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE) we are asking Advanced Practitioners to take part in this online survey and have their say!

Getting involved is really simple.

Using the links below you just read the online surveys and answer the questions.

The information gathered from the surveys will have a huge impact on the HEI Evaluation Framework (HEI) and the way Advanced Practice education is delivered in the future.


The Academy for Advancing Practice (the Academy) offers recognition to registered health and care practitioners who demonstrate complete fulfillment of the capabilities set out in the Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) Framework, or the Consultant Practitioner Framework.

There are two routes to gaining Academy recognition:

•    Through the successful completion of an education programme accredited by the Academy, on the basis that the programme fully maps either to the ACP or Consultant Framework capabilities and demonstrates fulfillment of the Academy’s Standards of Education & Training (SET)

•    Through an individual practitioner submitting an evidence profile that directly and fully maps to the ACP or Consultant Framework capabilities for consideration via the Academy’s Equivalence Route (ER) and through which they are deemed to have met the requirements for Academy recognition.

The Academy’s Standards for the Equivalence Route (SER) and the Academy’s Standards of Education & Training (SETs) are implemented in line with the Academy’s quality assurance principles and operating model.  The draft documents are embedded within each survey link below.

HEE are consulting on the following three documents;

•    The Standards for Education and Training (SETs)
This document sets out the requirements for a programme to be accredited by the Academy.

•    The Operating Framework
This document sets out the operating model for the Academy, it explains the purpose, role and functions of the Academy.

•    The Standard for the Equivalence Route (SER)This document sets out how an individual practitioner is expected to engage in, demonstrate and evidence their learning and development to the Academy in seeking recognition.

Participants are invited to respond to the three consultation questions using the individual survey links below.

Click here to provide feedback on the SETs
Click here to provide feedback on the Operating Framework
Click here to provide feedback on SER

Deadline for taking part is April 2nd 2019.


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