Deborah McCain celebrates her tenth anniversary with Hallam Medical

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Deborah McCain is celebrating 10 years at Hallam Medical. 

Let’s get to know Deborah McCain….

Deborah qualified as a Nurse in 1991 and has worked throughout a number of clinical settings before moving into management roles across Health and Social Care.

Deborah joined Hallam Medical in 2014 to focus on the UK’s challenges within Urgent Care, Primary Care and Community Services. Her proven track record in the development of strong and transparent relationships has enabled Hallam Medical to become a trusted partner throughout the UK, delivering effective solutions across all service providers.

Prior to joining Hallam Medical, Deborah was responsible for developing workforce solutions as well as managing memorandum of understanding agreements across multiple countries and regions to ensure education standards were effectively delivered to enable mobile workforces.

When Deborah isn’t at work, she loves nothing more than spending time with her friends, family and of course her two Scottish Terriers Betty and Dolly.

Today, the team gathered around to celebrate Deborah’s milestone work anniversary, with Charlotte Heaton, Warren Tomlinson and Alex Munro sharing stories and achievements of Deborah’s 10 years at Hallam Medical.

Deborah said, “Thank you all so much for your wonderful celebrations and words. I felt very emotional listening to the words you have taken the time to write, making my 10-year anniversary very special. It means so very much to me!”

Congratulations Deb. Thank you for your guidance and support over the ten years at Hallam Medical, we would be lost without you! 

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