Fantastic feedback for 111 Clinical Advisor Karen

Hallam Medical 111 Clinical Advisor has been thanked for her knowledge, support and compassion when helping a patient using the service.

Karen, who works for one of our North-East 111 Services, received a personal letter from a patient’s daughter thanking her for her knowledge and the compassion she demonstrated during the call.

The letter said that Karen’s knowledge and ability to listen really made her feel at ease. She said she had needed to contact the service as her mum was experiencing a lot of pain after having a pleural drain fitted.

The patient’s daughter herself had worked for the 111 service for more than 20 years and had stated in the letter that this was the first time she had ever had to use the service, so was incredibly grateful to Karen for her excellent knowledge and ability to listen to her mum’s medical history and arrange help.

She said: “Karen really made me feel at ease, I felt listened to and that my concerns were valid as well as Karen’s excellent clinical knowledge, I really wanted to highlight Karen’s compassion it made a real difference to both myself and my mum

Karen, who lives in the Middlesbrough area, has been a Clinical Advisor for eight years and has worked for us for around one year. Before this she worked as a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse.

Whilst working as Specialist Palliative Care Nurse, Karen had a stroke which caused nerve damage to her arm, which meant she was unable to continue in this role.

Karen said she still loved Nursing and still wanted to continue as a Nurse which was why she started working as a 111 Clinical Advisor as it meant she has been able to continue to do the job she loved and most importantly continue to help people.

Karen said: “I love being part of a team and love having patient contact again! I love the various calls you get helping different people every day. There is a nice atmosphere, no stress and even though the job is challenging you can walk out at the end of a shift with your head clear!

Karen said she was ecstatic to receive the feedback and made her extremely proud.

I was so proud to have helped a palliative care patient, especially with this being in my field of experience, I was able to use my knowledge to help a palliative care patient once again.”

Karen added: “I enjoy working with Hallam Medical. I receive regular shifts, they are very accommodating. My Recruitment Consultant Rachel has been an absolute star and amazing from day one and always cheers me up!

Our 111 Recruitment Consultant Rachel Ayres said: “Karen is an amazing 111 Clinical Advisor and an absolute credit to Hallam Medical. She joined as a referral and has since gone on to refer two of her colleagues who have also been fantastic!

Rachel went on to say: “Karen is hardworking, dependable and everything you would want in a Nurse when calling the 111 service. She is compassionate, highly-skilled, caring and understanding. We are very proud to have her representing the Hallam Medical 111 Team!

Well done Karen and keep up the good work!

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a 111 Clinical Advisor please contact the team on 0333 800 0395

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