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We make your revalidation simple!

A quick reminder about your revalidation

As a practising Nurse you are required to renew your registration every three years with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) through revalidation.

Your revalidation application is due on the first day of the month in which your registration expires. For example, if your renewal date is 30th September 2019, your revalidation application date will be 1st September 2019.

If you are unsure of your revalidation date you can do this by checking your NMC Online account you canĀ find out more here.

Did you know as a Hallam Medical Nurse you are entitled to a free online revalidation e-portfolio?

We are very happy for you to use our online revalidation e-portfolio even if you only work for us occasionally!

We want our Nurses to be fully supported this is why we aim to make the process of revalidation as simple as possible for you.

Together with our media partners, the Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) we give you access to an easy-to-use online e-portfolio.

This means instead of piles of paperwork you will have a PDF version of your documents at a click of a button.

Unlike many other e-portfolios available ours is completely Free of Charge and has no strings attached. Once you have registered for your revalidation e-portfolio, it is yours for the durations of your Nursing career, not just your time working with Hallam Medical.

Remaining up to date as a Locum Nurse can sometimes be challenging, but this simple and easy to use e-portfolio will help you to keep all your evidence and documents in one place.

Get your Hallam Medical revalidation link today!

Sign up for your free online Nurse revalidation e-portfolio by emailing revalidation@hallammedical.com

Of course, you can always call a member our team on 0333 800 0395

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