The NMC have announced recommendations for additional regulation in Advanced Practice

The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) have announced they have put forward to the council recommendations to develop an approach to the additional regulation of Advanced Practice.

Advanced Practice plays an important role in the delivery of care to people. It includes complex, autonomous and expertise that many experienced nurses and midwives carry out.

It has been highlighted that there is no single definition of advanced practice and it’s unclear whether the public understands the importance of the role or what it means for their care.

The proposed options are founded on independent research by The Nuffield Trust, followed by NMC-led key lines of enquiry which included engaging with the public and professionals across the UK. The views were shared through attending a roundtable event, webinar and completing the advanced practice survey.

The combination of approaches to the regulation of advanced practice included:

  • developing standards of proficiency for advanced level practice (and associated programme standards)
  • adopting a collaborative approach to develop a UK-wide advanced practice principles framework incorporating a shared position or definition of advanced level practice
  • ensuring that advanced level practice requirements are included in the wider reviews of revalidation and the Code scheduled for 2025/26

The regulator will seek approval next week on the different approaches it could take for the regulations of Advanced Practice nursing and midwifery across the UK.

Hallam Medicals Chief Nurse, Lisa Locker, will be attending the webinar on Monday 15th April to ensure we are at the forefront to support our team of Advanced Practitioners.

You can find out more here.

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